The first images feature Libe Barer (Sneaky Pete) with Mike C. Manning (Teen Wolf) having an intimate moment as Tom and Anna, and the second image features Dan Hedaya (The Usual Suspects) as Sheriff Thurston, from the film.

PICKUP review

"Pickup is skillful at juxtaposing the erotic and the mundane... The duality and tension of desire/escape vs.responsibility/duty is central throughout....The material here is rich enough for expansion to feature length, but works well as a self-contained short. "


"My one complaint with The Nain Rouge Murders is that the film is only nine minutes long. It feels like a teaser for an hour-long true crime show or a feature film. It certainly would have been better than most of the quarantine quickies that are flooding Amazon Prime right now."

Dir. Scott Danzig talks about his Editor Katie Dillon

"She added a completely different mood to the film than I expected. It was hard not to take each performance seriously, and a chill ran through my spine as I watched the rest of the diamond she had mined out of my charred coal. I loved it. "

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